Applied Psychologist, former-fat kid & retired weight loss coach.

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My name is Erik Hans. My weight loss and author story started when I weighed 239 lbs at the tender age of sixteen (but as you can see in the picture, I was already overweighted (and nerdy 🤓) at an earlier age).

I tried almost every diet… low carb/high fat, high carb/low fat, high protein, Paleo, Carnivore. You name it… 

It sucked the life right out of me

Anyway, all of these diets worked. I’ve lost some weight on all of them. Although some fitted me better than others, there were always too many rules and restrictions. 

❌ I ate a big breakfast while I was almost never hungry upon waking up

❌ I ate six small meals while it’s hard for me to stop eating once I start

❌ I ate the smallest meal in the evening while it was my favorite meal of the day (a warm meal) and it was the moment that I was the hungriest the entire day

❌ I avoided carbs while I love carbs

❌ I avoided alcohol while I liked my occasional binge drink sessions and getting together with friends

❌ I exercised like a madman while I didn’t enjoy the prescribed form of exercise at all

As you might've guessed...

This cost me an incredible amount of effort to adhere to and it seemed to suck the discipline, willpower and life right out of me.

All these rules and restrictions were going against my personality, against my nature. They were detrimental to my sanity and mental health.

And the diets certainly didn’t take my personal dieting challenges, trigger foods, trigger situations, needs and goals into account. Again, no personalization.

It made me downright miserable and every week it became more and more unbearable until I quit and looked for something new.

Sound familiar?

But my luck was about to turn...

At one moment I was still stuck on a weight that I wasn’t happy with. I wasn’t 239 lbs anymore but I was far from lean. That I lost around 20 lbs was through sheer discipline, nothing about it was easy.

Fortunately, my luck was about to turn. I applied for my major in Applied Psychology (a branch of psychology that seeks to apply psychological principles and scientific research to practical and real-life problems) and got accepted. Here I came in contact with something that would change my life forever (no that’s not an overstatement).

Enter scientific research…

Scientific research became my tool for uncovering the truth in the billion-dollar diet circus that has its fair share of clowns.

Little by little, it came clear to me that weight loss is much simpler than most ‘experts’ make it out to be. These rules and restrictions weren’t based on solid evidence. It was utter crap.

This gave me the freedom to customize my diet and fit me like a glove. Results were coming faster and easier than ever before. Dieting became much more enjoyable and I didn’t feel drained anymore.

It wasn’t taking a toll on me mentally. To be honest, it was quite the opposite. It was energizing. I felt ecstatic that I was in control and not my diet.

Half of the puzzle

I still remember the buzz I felt from discovering flexible dieting. It felt like I’d cracked the code. However, looking back, this was still only half of the puzzle.

The process of losing weight is quite simple, keeping yourself in the game till you reach your goal isn’t. It’s a mental game.

Luckily, thanks to my passion for weight loss as well as psychology, I never stop searching for ways to make weight loss quicker, simpler and easier.

Slowly I sought out more scientifically proven ways from psychology and neuroscience to make weight loss even faster and easier.

To increase diet adherence with simple yet powerful mental tricks that can help every dieter reach their goal as fast and easily as humanly possible.

And I brought this all together in one product where I will take you by the hand and accompany you on this weight loss journey and show you how you can get your dream body.

Why sell rights and not sell the book myself?

During my major of Applied Psychology and minor of Sports, Health & Lifestyle, I always did the work that others hated to do, desk research. And I loved it! I learned that I like to work in the background. Let others stand in the spotlight, it’s not my thing. After finishing my book people asked me to coach them.

I slowly discovered that both coaching and the marketing that was involved weren’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very suited to coach people and I gained a lot of useful experience, but it doesn’t get my juice pumping like researching and writing (and staying up-to-date with the newest findings).

And although I like the psychology and theory behind marketing, I’m not a big fan of being in the foreground. Which isn’t very beneficial if you want to succeed in the coaching business.

I just assumed I had to be a coach because… well… that’s what you do after writing a badass book and when dieters are asking you to coach them. But after a while, my motivation level plummeted. I asked myself what was wrong with me…

I'm a writer

The people whom I coached said that my method was the easiest way to lose weight they had ever experienced. The people who read my book were stunned by the eye-opening information. It felt like I had gold in my hands but couldn’t do anything with it.

After a lot of self-reflection, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to be a coach. I can just be a writer. I can sell or share the rights to my book or make other weight loss professionals my co-author. I don’t care about getting credits for my writing. That’s not what I’m about. That’s not important to me. What is important to me are the following:

  • Focus mostly on what I enjoy the most and do best… researching and writing.
  • Reach as many struggling dieters as I can and make their weight loss journey as fast, easy and sustainable as humanly possible

We both sacrificed blood, sweat & tears. Doing years of hard and consistent work. This collaboration can give us both what we want.

My hobbies & interests

Airplane: Although I’m scared as shit of turbulence, it doesn’t keep me from traveling to other beautiful destinations.

Guitars: They are wall decorations in our home because I suck at playing them. However, I’m a hell of an air guitarist.

Beer: I really enjoy getting together with friends and family, drinking some beers.

T-shirt: I love the 80’s, especially 80’s rock & metal. Too bad I was too young to really experience it.

Books: Don’t be fooled by the guitars and 80’s rock & metal. I’m still a huge nerd devouring books and articles on psychology, muscle building and weight loss.

Spare Ribs: I love me some good and juicy meat.

Laptop: My passion is researching, learning and writing.

Mobile phone: I use my mobile but it’s mostly for researching. Not social media… I prefer being social in person.

Speakers: Music is almost constantly blasting through my speakers and headphones. Feeling the rush from listening to the most epic hits from the 80’s (and the occasionally from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s).

Dumbbell: Lifting heavy energizes me… but running gives me the ultimate high.

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