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Martijn de Groot

Researcher & Manager Radboudumc Health Innovation Labs

“Freedom N’ Weight loss is based on an impressive amount of literature research. Erik Hans blends his passion, knowledge and honesty and guides you through the whole process while keeping it simple.”

” Stellar work! The research is extremely comprehensive, while ‘The Blueprint’ is simple and brief.”

Aranka Dol

Obesity & Emotional Eating Researcher

Wallace Camargo

Physiological scientist & Personal Trainer

“It’s a brilliant book that’s backed up by an impressive amount of scientific research. Erik cuts out all the bullshit and gives you a simple yet refreshing perspective”

“Erik Hans spent enormous amounts of effort to deliver evidence-based information and practical advice. If you want to live life to the fullest and still lose weight, this is it!”

Thea Kooiman

Physiological scientist & Lifestyle Coach

“Shopping isn’t a painful experience anymore”

“I’ve lost 23 kg (50,5 lbs) with this unique method. I decided, not someone else, what I ate and when. Shopping is a euphoric moment again and not a painful experience anymore, like it should be for women” – Anneke de Vries

“Enjoy delicious food and alcohol”

“I’ve lost 18,4 kg (40,5 lbs) in 10 weeks with this amazing method. It’s a no-brainer for anybody who enjoys delicious food and some alcohol.” – Arjen Douma

“No forced restrictions & rules was breakthrough”

“I still can’t believe the unbelievable transformation that I went through. Not only physically, but also psychologically. No forced restrictions and rules, but being able to make my own plan was my breakthrough in achieving my weight loss goal.” – Alies de Graaf

Personalization made all the difference”

“I feel like a completely different person. It’s still so unreal for me. Also, because the approach was very simple and I could adjust it to my all-or-nothing personality. The personalization of this method made all the difference in the world”. – Oane Jacob de Graaf

Created by an Applied Psychologist, former fat-kid and weight losss coach & author

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