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Eat WHAT & WHEN you want

Powerful tricks from Psychology & Neuroscience

Exercise NOT required

Let me ask you a question…

Did you try many different diets, methods or supplements and are you still overweight?

Well, if you’re reading this it probably means that something didn’t work out. If you never tried any of these, you’re in luck. Because then you haven’t experienced the excruciating pain of failing at weight loss yet.


The feeling of frustration… the feeling of embarrassment… the feeling of shame… the feeling of being worthless… the feeling of being a failure!  

It’s a downright horrifying experience. And after waiting, recovering from the hurt and adding some extra weight, you’re ready to give it another shot. You’ve mustered up all your courage to go to battle and face your enemy.

Once again you feel hope that your dream body is achievable with this revolutionizing diet, method, supplement or piece of equipment. This time will be different…

Even heavier and less energetic

Fast forward a couple of weeks (or days). WTF happened? You failed again!

You’re right back in that same downward spiral. Feeling even worse than the time before.

Because with every failed attempt the feelings of being a failure and not being good enough get strengthened. 

Because with every failed attempt you realize that you’ve wasted so much time on dieting… just to end up even heavier, less energetic and more insecure than you were before. 

Because with every failed attempt you’re getting more afraid that you’ll stay overweight for the rest of your life and that your health, energy levels and happiness will slowly deteriorate. 

But I’ve got big news for you… your weight loss failures are NOT your fault!

So who or what is to blame? What causes you to fail?

“Enjoy delicious food and alcohol”

“I’ve lost 18,4 kg (40,5 lbs) in 10 weeks with the Freedom N’ Weight loss system. It’s a no-brainer for anybody who enjoys delicious food and some alcohol.”

Arjen Douma

Most diets don’t work with human psychology, but against it. Against human nature. 

They give you a list of foods, rules and restrictions and that’s it. Off you go. Good luck muchacho!

Now, you probably already know from my Free mini-guide, that scientific research shows that rules and restrictions dramatically increase your chances of weight loss failure.

If you don’t, click here to get it.

And that’s only one factor where most diets and ‘experts’ miss the boat. There are a dozen more of these serious mistakes that make it almost downright impossible for you to reach your weight loss goal.

So, are these experts evil then? Quite the contrary.

Most of these people want to genuinely help you lose weight. However, most of these well-meaning ‘experts’ don’t have a background in scientific research or psychology and neuroscience.

I truly believe they have the best intentions but might unknowingly and unwantedly lead you to weight loss failure.

They prescribe diets that they’ve used themselves to reach their goal. But how can you ever reach YOUR weight loss goal when you are following SOMEBODY ELSE’s diet?

There isn’t any personalization. All cookie-cutter. They don’t take your unique personality, preferences, triggers, needs, struggles and ratio of brain chemicals into account.

Also, most ‘experts’ skim over one of the most crucial factors in dieting. The mental game. Dieting is 95% a mental game, so why don’t they focus on that?

Where are the scientifically proven tricks from psychology and neuroscience to increase your diet adherence?

Applied Psychologist, former-fat kid & freedom lover

Hey, my name is Erik Hans and I’m an Applied Psychologist, former-fat kid and freedom lover.

 I started out at 239 lbs at the tender age of sixteen. I tried almost every diet… low carb/high fat, high carb/low fat, high protein, Paleo, Carnivore. You name it… except for vegan. I don’t want to give up my meat.


Sucked the life out of me…

Anyway, all of these diets worked. I’ve lost a little weight on all of them. However, all of them were far from perfect for me personally.

Although some fitted me better than others, there were always too many rules and restrictions. 

  • I ate a big breakfast while I was almost never hungry upon waking up.
  • I ate six small meals while it’s hard for me to stop eating once I start.
  • I ate the smallest meal in the evening while it was my favorite meal of the day (a warm meal) and it was the moment that I was the hungriest the entire day.
  • I avoided carbs while I love carbs.
  • I avoided alcohol while I liked my occasional binge drink sessions, getting together with friends.
  • I exercised like a madman while I didn’t enjoy the prescribed form of exercise at all.

As you might’ve guessed… this cost me an incredible amount of effort to adhere to and it seemed to suck the discipline, willpower and life right out of me.

All these rules and restrictions were going against my personality, against my nature. They were detrimental to my sanity and mental health.

And the diets certainly didn’t take my personal dieting challenges, trigger foods, trigger situations, needs and goals into account. Again, no personalization.

It made me downright miserable and every week it became more and more unbearable until I quit and looked for something new.

Sound familiar?

My luck was about to turn…

At one moment I was still stuck on a weight that I wasn’t happy with. I wasn’t 239 lbs anymore but I was far from lean. That I lost around 20 lbs was through sheer discipline, nothing about it was easy.

 Fortunately, my luck was about to turn. I applied for my major in Applied Psychology and got accepted. Here I came in contact with something that would change my life forever (no that’s not an overstatement).

Scientific Research

Scientific research became my tool for uncovering the truth in the billion-dollar diet circus that has its fair share of clowns.

Little by little, it came clear to me that weight loss is much simpler than most ‘experts’ make it out to be. These rules and restrictions weren’t based on solid evidence. It was utter crap.

 This gave me the freedom to customize my diet and fit me like a glove. Results were coming faster and easier than ever before. Dieting became much more enjoyable and I didn’t feel drained anymore.

It wasn’t taking a toll on me mentally. To be honest, it was quite the opposite. It was energizing. I felt ecstatic that I was in control and not my diet.

Half of the puzzle

I still remember the buzz I felt from discovering all of this. It felt like I’d cracked the code. However, looking back, this was still only half of the puzzle.

The process of losing weight is quite simple, keeping yourself in the game till you reach your goal isn’t. It’s a mental game. 

Luckily, thanks to my passion for weight loss as well as psychology, I never stop searching for ways to make weight loss quicker, simpler and easier.

Slowly I sought out more scientifically proven ways from psychology and neuroscience to make weight loss even faster and easier.

To increase diet adherence with simple yet powerful mental tricks that can help every dieter reach their goal as fast and easily as humanly possible.

And I brought this all together in one product where I will take you by the hand and accompany you on this weight loss journey and show you how you can get your dream body.

“Shopping was a painful experience”

“I’ve lost 23 kg with this unique method. I decided, not someone else, what I ate and when. Shopping is a euphoric moment again and not a painful experience, like it should be for women”

Anneke de Vries

Checkout & Download

Read or Listen

Apply & Lose weight

Download your e-book or audiobook now! Read or listen within 2 minutes.

This is what you’ll discover in this book/audiobook

  • One mistake that many dieters commit that makes weight loss failure almost inevitable… page 8
  • The cycle where most dieters get stuck in and why they will never achieve their weight loss goals… (and Dr. Phil wants to help you do something about it)… page 10
  • The lies they tell you and how they set you up for weight loss failure again and again … page 13
  • Thesecret to eating what you want, when you want… page 15
  • 13 simple words that will destroy all the confusion and lies so you can get out of the weight loss failure cycle once and for all… page 18
  • How to include alcohol in your diet (drinking in moderation and binge drinking) and still lose weight… page 19
  • How to turn the scale, an unreliable piece of garbage, into a reliable progress measuring tool with one simple trick… page 20
  • One hiddenphenomenon that makes almost every dieter quit and how to avoid this… page 32
  • The ultimatetool for dieting freedom, accountability and diet adherence… page 36
  • Do genetics play a role in weight loss and weight gain? Yes, but not in the way you think… (trust me, this will be a surprise)… page 39
  • Does PCOS affect weight loss results?…page 40
  • Slow or fast weight loss? The optimalweight loss rate for the best results… page 47
  • Why the lies make you fail and what to do about it…. page 53
  • Discover how to ward off metabolic adaptation, restore certain hormone levels, reduce hunger levels and improve mood when the going gets tough… page 59
  • A unique piece of advice for women based on their biology and how to use it to your advantage (if you’re a biological woman of course, not identifying as such)… page 60
  • How this counterintuitivestrategy will increase your motivation and accountability after you screw-up your diet while our natural human response will result in decreased motivation and willpower… page 65
  • Four powerful questions to personalize your diet to perfection to make weight loss as easy and sustainable as humanly possible… page 69
  • Which type of dieter are you? And do you need a different approach to succeed in weight loss?… page 72
  • How brain chemicals can make it more difficult for you to stick to your diet and some simple tips on how to manage this… page 75
  • Guidelines for a healthy and balanced macro ratio for most dieters and what to eat to increase satiety… page 82
  • The truth about the whole cholesterol story that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing… page 83
  • Is red meat dangerous to your health? The answer might surprise you… page 84
  • One piece of advice that you always here from dieticians and gurus and why you want to do the exact opposite to cause massive weight loss… page 86
  • How to know if you’re on the right track and exactly what to do about it when you aren’t… page 89
  • To exercise or not to exercise for weight loss? The definitive and somewhat surprising answer… page 94
  • A three-letter word that causes sustained motivation, especially when  coming eye to eye with temptation… page 99
  • The strange reason why weight loss slows down (I guaranteed you, it’s not what you think) and the simple fix… page 101
  • Access the incredible hidden willpower that you have in you with scientific research… page 111
  • The brain chemical that makes you quit your diet and what to do about it… page 124
  • This one simple mistake could lead you to overeat 444 calories per day and in theory, cause a 40 pound weight gain in one year… page 132
  • Why most dieters cannot maintain their weight and a quick fix to solve this problem… page 138
  • Six powerful strategies for faster weight loss… page 144
  • Change this one thing to a habit that you’re already performing daily, and supercharge your weight loss… page 147


Are there people who aren’t a good fit for this ebook/ audiobook?

Overly sensitive and easily offended people should probably stay away from this.  Also, people who like to lose weight with meal plans or recipes are better off choosing a different approach.

Are there drawbacks to this method?

 Although it’s the easiest and most sustainable weight loss approach out there, it still requires at least some degree of effort and discipline. 

Is there a possibility to get more help with weight loss?

Yes, I do offer personal coaching but please realize that I didn’t hold anything back from you with this (audio)book. My coaching is very expensive and coaching spots are very limited because I only coach 3 people at once. I don’t recommend you to apply for it unless you’re very serious.

Are there hardcopy versions available?

Unfortunately, at this moment there aren’t any hardcopies available.

Is there a guarantee?

Sure thing! A 180-days-money-back-guaranteed if you don’t like it. And you can keep all the downloads. How is that for a deal?

About Me

Yeah, that’s me. My hobbies and interests are pictured in the image above. The guitars are wall decorations in my home because I suck at playing them. However, I’m a hell of an air guitarist.

Eating and drinking wise I love me some meat and beer. Enjoying life while I can.

Don’t be fooled by my love for 80’s rock and metal, I’m still a huge nerd devouring books and articles on psychology, weight loss and muscle building.

What the professionals say:

Researcher & Manager Radboudumc Health Innovation Labs

“Freedom N’ Weight loss is based on an impressive amount of literature research. Still, it’s written in a light-hearted manner with a very personal touch to it. Erik Hans blends his passion, knowledge and honesty and guides you through the whole process while keeping it simple.”

Martijn de Groot

Obesity & Emotional Eating Researcher

“These are two fantastic books. Stellar work! The research in ‘The Scientific Research and Reference Guide’ is extremely comprehensive, while ‘The Blueprint’ itself is simple and short.”

Aranka Dol

Physiological scientist & Personal Trainer

“It’s a brilliant book (The Blueprint) that is backed-up by an impressive amount of scientific research. Erik cuts out all the bullshit and gives you a simple yet refreshing perspective.”

Wallace Camargo

Physiological scientist & Lifestyle Coach

“Erik Hans spent enormous amounts of effort to deliver evidence-based information and practical advice. If you want to live life to the fullest and still lose weight, this is it!”

Thea Kooiman

What clients & readers say:

“No forced restrictions & rules was breakthrough”

“I still can’t believe the unbelievable transformation that I went through. Not only physically, but also psychologically. No forced restrictions and rules, but being able to make my own plan was my breakthrough in achieving my weight loss goal.” – Alies de Graaf

Personalization made all the difference”

“I feel like a completely different person. It’s still so unreal for me. Also, because the approach was very simple and I could adjust it to my all-or-nothing personality. The personalization of this method made all the difference in the world.” – Oane Jacob de Graaf

“No fatigue or difficult moments”

“I’ve lost 13 kg (28,6 lbs) in 10 weeks time. I didn’t experience any fatigue or difficult moments like with other diets, so it’s a pleasure to lose weight with this method.”- Dennis Douma

“Erik encouraged me to keep enjoying”

“No restrictions and still I lost 17,5 kg (38,5 lbs) in 15 weeks. Dieticians and personal trainers wanted to take away my favorite snack (a cheese sandwich) while Erik encouraged me to keep enjoying it.” – Ate Tijtsma

Auke de Jong

“The Freedom N’ Weight loss method is fantastic! I lost 24 kg (52,8 lbs) without too much effort, while enjoying my favorite liquor and food.”

Berry Jantien van der Zwaag

“I’ve lost 15,5 pounds in 8 weeks. While a friend of mine went for a low-carb diet, I chose the Freedom N’ Weight loss method.

I’m still happy and grateful for making this decision because now I know that you can lose weight the way that fits you and your personality.

For me personally, that meant still eating bread, potatoes and pastas… in other words: carbs!”

Herman Zuidersma

” I’m down 10 kg (22 lbs) while still enjoying my Friday night dart evening with beer and snacks. The method is simple and the flexibility is unbelievable. ”

Yvonne Jansz

“Normally I never write reviews, but this time I’m happy to make an exception. It’s my opinion that everybody needs to read these books.

I’m already dieting for many years, and because I like to read, reading diet books has become some sort of sport for me. So I’ve read my share of good and (extremely) bad stuff.

This book is completely different than all the rest. It disproves so many ‘diet rules’ that we believe are true, and it does so with scientific research.

This makes dieting much easier (and in another way more complicated) because you decide what the best diet/lifestyle is for you.” 

Johan Hekstra

“I’ve lost 13 kg (28,6 lbs) in 10 weeks time. I didn’t experience any fatigue or difficult moments like with other diets. So it’s a pleasure to lose weight with Freedom N’ Weight loss.”

Elisabeth van der Veen

“First of all, I want to thank you for developing this method. I’m enjoying myself 100% and still losing weight and inches.

You give the client/reader the possibility to create their own unique lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes you feel happy, good and confident that you can sustain it.”

The best money-back-guaranteed that exists

This is the reason why you can’t go wrong with this deal. I understand that before you’re going to invest your money into something…

You want to know if the offer has a guarantee that you can trust. I want you to feel good about your investment.

Even if it is just $19,-… you’ve worked for it. You’ve just as easily could’ve spent it on a sandwich, a nice cup of Joe and a couple of brewskies.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

Download the ebook or audiobook, read it, but more importantly… apply the information, put it into action after you’ve read it.

And if you’re not happy with what you’ve learned ( a weight loss method that gives you complete control and freedom) then send me an email within 30 days of purchase and ask for a refund.

I’ll give you the money back and you can keep the downloads on your laptop or phone… Yes, with that I mean all downloads!

What do you think of that guarantee? Not half bad, right?

Read this step-by-step guide within one hour, or listen to it 1,5 hour, and start losing weight right away.

Freedom N’ Weight loss: The Blueprint

 You will get hit so hard with truth, honesty and humor that you probably will have an orgasm.

The Scientific Research and Reference Guide

The Scientific Research and Reference Guide is filled with scientific research that the Blueprint is based on. In total there are 1237 references to scientific studies, meta-analyses and systematic reviews.

This guide isn’t a necessarry read… but it can help tremendously with:

  • Understanding the biology, psychology and neuroscience behind the weight loss
  • Faster and easier weight loss by providing extra strategies
Freedom N’ Weight loss – The Blueprint (ebook OR Audiobook)


  • Freedom N’ Weight loss – The Blueprint ebook OR audiobook 
Ebook + Audiobook +  The Scientific Research & Reference Guide


  • Freedom N’ Weight loss – The Blueprint ebook
  • Freedom N’ Weight loss – The Blueprint audiobook
  • Freedom N’ Weight loss – The Scientific Research & Reference Guide 
Online Video Consultation


  • I’ll set-up your personal diet with the Freedom N’ Weight loss method.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

A Quick Overview

Are you afraid of experiencing the ever-increasing and intense feeling of failure after another failed attempt at losing weight? But are you also disgusted when you look in the mirror and afraid of staying like this forever while your energy levels, health and happiness slowly decline?

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be lean.

And you can be because your previous weight loss failures were not your fault. All the unnecessary rules and restrictions from well-meaning ‘experts’ that were imposed on you, made you fail.

Scientific research shows that flexibility in dieting greatly increases the chances of weight loss success. While restrictions and rules significantly increase weight loss failure.

Also, strategies from the fields of psychology and neuroscience are needed to give you an edge. To be in charge of your weight loss.

Trust me… I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there. And it’s a painful and frustrating position where you are now. But I promise you, that I’ll make weight loss as fast and easy as humanly possible.

You don’t want to be that person that’s always telling everyone that you’re going to diet and one year later you still look the same (or you even gained weight). You’re bettter than that.

So take charge now… take charge of your diet… take charge of your health… take charge of your life!

Lose weight, gain LIFE!

You will not regret it. And if you do, email me within 180 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. While you keep your downloads! So you have nothing to lose.

Copyright – Freedom N’ Health

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