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Written by an 🧠Applied Psychologist ✅Former fat kid 📘  Author 

Erik Hans Holwerda

More free time

More energy

Be seen as THE EXPERT

Do you experience one or more of the following?

❌ Does content creation suck hours out of your free time and personal life?

❌ Does content creation feel overwhelming and tedious to you?

❌ Does the creation process leave you stressed, drained and exhausted?

❌ Does it feel that you are struggling to create original, engaging and expert-level content?

How would your life look like if all these problems would be erased?

Just imagine how it would be to: 

👪 Have loads of free time to spend with your family, friends or hobby while growing your channel(s)

🚀 Have massive amounts of energy for doing the things you love and do best

💤 Feel calm and relaxed while being consistent and engaging on your social media channels

🏆 Be seen as THE EXPERT on weight loss, muscle building and health with science-based content

Applied Psychologist, former-fat kid & retired weight loss coach.

I know how frustrating it can be to market yourself in the oversaturated and extremely competitive weight loss field.

Not to mention how much time and effort it costs time and time again to deliver expert-level-quality information to your followers and clients (click here if you want to find out why I stopped my coaching) 

I also know how painful it is for your clients and customers to be overweight and the immense struggle it can be to lose weight. How do I know that? I lived it… check out the pictures and my story.

My name is Erik Hans and my weight loss story started when I weighed 239 lbs at the tender age of sixteen…

What the professionals say:

What my ex coaching clients say:

The I-only-want-happy-customers GUARANTEE

A 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

If you don’t save a ton of time, get more leads, improve your following, and deliver greater value to your consumers – I don’t want your money!

Contact me here in the first 60 days of signing up and I’ll refund your money…fast. There are no conditions and it’s hassle-free.

I only want happy customers. That’s why I rather take the risk instead of you!

How much is 37 hours per month with your family, friends or hobby worth to you?

…370 per month?

…740 per month?

…1110 per month?


Science-based E-content Timesaving Solution
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So if you're okay with:

❌ Spending hours and hours creating original content instead of instantly having a month’s worth of engaging and elite quality e-content and posting it in minutes on your social media and blog without it feeling like a chore…

❌ Being stressed out of your mind and feeling overwhelmed from juggling too many activities instead of feeling peaceful and at ease when delegating your social media & marketing content…

❌ Feeling fatigued and worn out from doing tedious and dull content creation instead of having tons of vitality because you can focus on the things you love and do best…

❌ Getting frustrated about how you can stand out from the herd in the extremely competitive and overcrowded weight loss niche instead of instantly getting the industry leader status that you deserve with the latest scientific research…

Then not taking action is the way to go

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just outsource the writing to AI??

Sure, you could. But the results will mostly be… well… lackluster.

Cognitive psychologist, psycholinguist, popular science author, and public intellectual, Steven Pinker said the following: “For 25 years I’ve begun my introductory psychology course by showing how our best artificial intelligence still can’t duplicate ordinary common sense. This year I was terrified that that part of the lecture would be obsolete. … But I needn’t have worried.”

He also mentioned that, at least so far, a lot of ChatGPT output is easy to unmask because it mashes up quotations and references that don’t exist.

Can’t connect the dots: Many experts seem to agree on this. Wordable CEO and Founder & CEO of Codeless, Brad Smith says that AI can only take a mediocre pass at factual, information-based content. But even then it struggles to actually understand anything it’s saying. It is merely taking what’s already out there on certain topics and then playing a Robocop version of the word game Mad Libs,” he explains.

He also makes the point that AI can’t connect the dots because knowledge of a few topics are completely isolated from each other.

No emotion, no connection: Annie Brown, founder of Lips, said the following: “And AI can’t do emotion, such as style, jargon, inside jokes, meta-references, anecdotes, and storytelling. “All the things that get someone to stop dead in their tracks, take notice of what they’re reading, and actually want to continue reading the full thing.

At the end of the day, people are still emotional human beings, hardwired via their centuries-old lizard brains to use feelings to convince themself of logical decisions, and not vice-versa.”

Fact-checking & Outdated information: Another problem is that AI doesn’t check facts and can include outdated information. Plus, AI is notorious for making stuff up. And although AI tools can write grammatically correct sentences, don’t expect well-organized, articulate drafts.

Most pieces will contain confusing, incoherent paragraphs. AI only synthesizes data and follows basic grammar rules; it can’t string together different pieces of information in the most logical manner.


So is AI the way to go? If you’re happy with lackluster work and have lots of time to correct and edit AI’s mistakes, it might be something to consider. Still, you will have to pay for most AI software.

For truly breathtaking work so that everyone will see you as the go-to expert on weight loss? Not so much.

Why I stopped coaching and selling my book?

During my study of Applied Psychology, I always did the work that others hated to do, desk research. And I loved it! I learned that I like to work in the background. Let others stand in the spotlight, it’s not my thing. After finishing my book people asked me to coach them.

I slowly discovered that both coaching and the marketing that was involved weren’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very suited to coach people and I gained a lot of useful experience, but it doesn’t get my juice pumping like researching and writing.

And although I like the psychology and theory behind marketing, I despise practicing it and being in the foreground, posting on social media or a blog. Which isn’t very beneficial if you want to succeed in the coaching business.

I just assumed I had to be a coach because… well… that’s what you do after writing a badass book and dieters are asking to be their coach. But after a while, my motivation level plummeted. I asked myself what was wrong with me…

The people whom I coached said that my method was the easiest way to lose weight they had ever experienced. The people who read my book were stunned by the eye-opening information. It felt like I had gold in my hands but couldn’t do anything with it.

After a lot of self-reflection, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to be a coach. I can just be a writer. I can sell or share the rights to my book or make other weight loss professionals my co-author. I don’t care about getting credits for my writing. That’s not what I’m about. That’s not important to me. What is important to me are the following:

  • Focus mostly on what I enjoy the most and do best… researching and writing.
  • Reach as many struggling dieters as I can and make their weight loss journey as fast, easy and sustainable as humanly possible

This collaboration can give us both what we want. I achieve the aforementioned goals and you will instantly be seen as an expert by clients, the general public, colleagues and media. People will be excited to pay the higher prices you offer because your services seems much more valuable now.

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